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Since 1974, the Jennifer Creed Fund has been supporting families whose children have been affected with both cancer and birth defects.  The Fund was formed in honor of Jennifer Creed, daughter of Ed and Mabel Creed of Hyde Park, Massachusetts.  In 1972, two year old Jennifer was brought to the Floating Hospital.  Already blind with developing symptoms of a brain tumor, Jennifer was diagnosed with leukemia.  After several lengthy hospital admissions, Jennifer Creed died in January 1974.


One evening during this period, friends of the Creeds got together to support the family.  During that night, they made a pledge to alleviate some of the family's financial strain.  While many of the medical bills were covered, it was the little things that were taking a toll on the family, the travel, the meals out, and items that had fallen by the wayside as the Creeds cared for Jennifer.  Out of that night, the Jennifer Creed Fund was born.


The goal of the Fund is to help families whose children have been affected by cancer or birth defects.  Initially, transportation and lodging were the main areas of support.  However, over the years the Board has also helped families whose children need wigs, special shoes, babysitters, or home health aids.  The Fund strives to reduce the burden of these illnesses on the families so they can focus on the care of their children.


The Fund helps New England families who children are being treated at the Floating Hospital for Children at Tuft's Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts and Hasbro Children's Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island.  We are a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization with an all-volunteer board.  Every donation goes to directly helping those families who need our support.

Chairman: Arthur Hurley

Vice- Chairman: Norman Carter

Treasurer: Michael Creed

Secretary: Tom Williamson

Joe Cardello

Rose Carter

Mabel Creed

Angela Cristiani

Marianna Colligan

Justin Cronin

Luke Diez

Bernard Fang

David McDonald

Jeff Stevens



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